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Welcome to The Dream Team's Onboarding Tool

Here you will find the basics & tools for your business.

If you are new, follow steps 1, 2 & 3  (on this page).

After you follow steps 1,2 & 3... utilize the rest of this website to learn & grow your business. 

Tools: to learn on at your pace. 

Team Trainings: A blog of our teams trainings.

Opportunity Calls: To use as a tool to send to your potential MP's. 

Home: Welcome

Step 1 - Watch the Onboarding Video

Start by watching the onboarding video to go over the basics of your new business. Take notes to ask your mentor afterwards.

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All Videos

All Videos

Home: Videos

Step 2 - Read over the New MP Guide

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Step 3 - Set up a Facetime/Zoom call with your mentor.

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